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Saturday, February 11, 2006

First olympic update and some new stash

Here is my first pic of my olympic cardigan. I cast the back on after 2.00pm and this picture shows the progress when I stopped knitting at night. Here I have 23 rows of double rib and aprox another 16 rows of ss. Tomorrow I will post the next updated pics.

Today I went shopping for some yarn as if I did not have enough already. I got some lace weight, some variegated for socks and some bulky for a couple of scarfs for my son. I also bought a copy of woman's weekly which has a nice intarsia sweater pattern and the March issue of Simply Knitting which had some cute place markers as a gift. Now all I need is time to knit all the yarn.

I am going to knit some more on my olympic cardi hoping that 16 days are enough to finish it. Bye bye for today.

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